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Diplomat LT

If you're looking for long term international coverage (three months to three years), Diplomat LT is the policy for you. With renewability, and optional home country coverage, Diplomat LT should fit the needs of the most demanding international travelers. Diplomat LT is purchased in 1-month increments with a 3-month minimum purchase. If you will be traveling for less than 3 months, please consider the Diplomat America or Diplomat International plans.


Coverage is NOT available for travel in Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Israel, Nepal, or Palestinian Territories.

Coverage is NOT available for residents of Australia and Iran, or residents of New York, Maryland and South Dakota.

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This is the number of months that you would like the policy to cover, not necessarily the total number of months you anticipate to be traveling. Diplomat LT policies can be renewed for up to three years in the monthly increments that you choose here. So for example, if you are needing coverage for 2 years, but would prefer to pay for 6 months of coverage at a time, select 6 months from the drop down. Your policy could then be renewed every 6 months.
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Tuesday, October 22, 2024
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NOTE: If you are travelling with children who are NOT minor dependents, it is recommended to purchase them a separate policy. Minor Dependents, however, MAY be added to this policy.